Tax law and customs:
  • participation in tax proceedings;
  • representation in judicial and administrative proceedings; 
  • representation in criminal proceedings; 
  • assistance in obtaining binding tariff information (BTI); 
  • specialization in the field of excise duties on intra-Community acquisitions of passenger cars (CN 8703).
Labor law:
  • comprehensive advice on all aspects of individual and collective labour law practice;
  • individual and group redundancies, employee documentation, including employment contracts and non-competition agreements;
  • management contracts and labour disputes, including court proceedings;
  • protection against claims based on mobbing and discrimination, the restructuring and transfer of workplaces, services for foreign employees, employee shareholding programs, and wage and benefits systems;
  • legal service in the field of European Union labour law environment;
  • drafting and modification of work rules and remuneration rules;
  • preparation of non-competition clauses in employment contracts (during their term and after their expiry), and non-disclosure agreements (NDA).
Company law:
  • legal advice on the creation of commercial companies and civil partnerships;
  • legal advice in the cases of changes in the ownership structure of companies, including preparation of share purchase agreements;
  • provides legal services for directors of companies and prepares documents necessary to the registration of changes in the Legal Register of Companies;
  • creation of departments of foreign entreprises in Poland and the companies by foreign investors. 
Business law:
  • legal advice on cases related to business activity;
  • preparing and reviewing commercial contracts, agreements of business collaboration, distribution agreements; 
  • drafting contracts related to the real estate and investments;
  • draw up the company's internal rules, advises on their implementation and application; 
  • actively participates in the preparation of the transactions related to the transformation of the legal form of clients, changes in the ownership structure as well as acquisitions of other entities, performing especially activities related to the legal audits and the preparation of the indispensable documentation; 
  • provides legal services for directors of companies and prepares documents necessary to the registration of changes in the Legal Register of Companies; 
  • participates in meetings of the bodies of capital companies and in negotiations of the terms of contracts or important business activities.
Construction investments:
  • legal service of companies implementing construction projects in Poland;
  • drafting contracts, including international contracts, conducting business negotiations and drafting legal opinions.
Media law:
  • preparation, evaluation and negotiation of barter agreements;
  • preparation, evaluation and negotiation of media patron;
  • preparation, evaluation and negotiation of sponsorship contracts;
  • acquiring rights to formats, negotiating license and merchandising agreements;
  • drafting regulations connected with offering content and services in the Internet or by using other teleinformatic techniques;
  • countering Internet piracy, protection of content and infringement of copyright and personal rights in the internet.
Copyright and related:
  • transfers of copyright and related rights, including legal assistance in acquisition of foreign rights and representation in management of copyright and related rights;
  • legal advice in regard to violation of copyright and related rights;
  • representation of artists and other creators of copyrighted works in negotiation of contracts with producers and publishers;
  • drafting, negotiating and stating opinions on contracts; pursuing claims caused by non-performance or inadequate performance of contracts;
  • comprehensive legal assistance relating to audiovisual productions (also in acquisition of rights) and protection of the rights of the producers and co-creators of audiovisual works;
  • internet law, assessment of infringements occurring on the Internet, representation in civil and penal proceedings;
  • legal cases related to the creation and implementation of architectural projects.
Competition law:
  • comprehensive advisory services to Polish and foreign clients on all aspects of Polish and Community competition law and represents them in proceedings before Polish Competition Authority UOKiK and civil courts;
  • preparation of legal opinions on the violations of the competition law;
  • legal advice and the development of agreements on sharing know-how.
Industrial property law:
  • legal advice and drafting of opinions in respect of infringements of industrial property rights;
  • conducting civil and criminal cases involving violation of exclusive rights to inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trade marks;
  • developing, negotiating and reviewing contracts including licensing agreements, assignments, pledges to the exclusive rights.
Protection of personal rights:
  • preparation of legal opinions on violations of individuals’ personal rights and legal persons reputation;
  • legal assistance in connection with the use of an image of an individual for commercial purposes (drafting contracts and advice during negotiations) including representation in court.